Has the Watchtower Now Embraced Open Theism? (Part One)

5773e03ae7a0af884506b110.LYesterday morning (Saturday), two nicely dressed men and a little girl rang our doorbell. My wife peeked through our window and said, “It looks like Jehovah’s Witnesses.” I answered the door with a plate of breakfast in my hand (eggs scrambled with pork sausage, biscuits and sausage gravy). I recognize it might seem rude to eat breakfast in front of guests, but I find it kind of rude that the enemy would send his snake oil salesmen to peddle their wares on my doorstep at 9am on a Saturday.

What ensued gave my wife and I much to discuss in the hour that followed. I said precious little and they left fairly quickly. My wife asked me why I didn’t share the gospel with them. Well, to put it quite frankly, I was caught off guard. Oh, I wasn’t caught off guard by having two and a half JWs show up on my doorstep at 9am on a Saturday (That’s par for the course for these guys). Rather, I was surprised by the topic of conversation they broached.

The lead speaker, stage right, was a white, slightly rotund sorta fella. Stage left and a bit further back stood an older, seemingly angry, white chap. In between the two was a little black girl with pretty, tightly woven braids, about eight years of age. The odd grouping was the first thing to throw me off, but this is to be expected. We stupid Christians are easier handled when we are distracted by the unexpected.

The second unexpected surprise came from the front man’s ice breaker: “Do you think God is responsible for all the evil in the world?” The first thought that rolled through my head was, “Well that’s a new one from these guys.” Rather than launching into a jwstheological diatribe about how God brings about His ultimate good purposes through choices made by men with evil intentions, I simply said, “No.” My short answer was strategic. “Bible students,” as they apparently still call themselves, are easily frightened off by home owners who read their Bibles and can talk about it without confusion.

The man then gave me a synopsis of the new prattle the Watchtower has no doubt been drilling into the heads of their Bible students four days a week for the past few months. He then left me with a pamphlet from their base in Brooklyn and scurried off. Now, I would have invited him into my home and offered him some coffee and biscuits, but he seemed to be in a hurry to get to the next house. Now, why didn’t I interrupt him and give him the gospel?

First, I had no clue where he was coming from or where he was going. JWs don’t usually enter into the whole Calvinist / Arminian / Open Theist debate. Second, he did not seem receptive. There is a time and place for all things. I received his literature and read it. Eventually it will find its way onto my heresy shelf along with my Quran, my Book of Mormon, my New World Translation, and my copy of Your Best Life Now. When, and if, he returns to see what I thought of the read, that might be a great opportunity for him to share his thoughts and for me to share mine, including the gospel. However, I find that often times, when a man has positioned himself as a teacher, he will not bear with the man he has predetermined is nothing but a student.

Sometimes, on a rare occasion, you will find a JW who is receptive and willing to discuss the gospel with you. It is rarely on first contact, though. I will caution, though. Do not think that you can weasel your way into a relational evangelism type relationship with a JW. In the long run, being honest with them up-front about your intentions is always the best policy. All that said, in the next post, I plan on getting into the meat of their new pamphlet, their new approach to dealing with us pesky Christians.


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