Why I have not yet posted my response to the Watchtower…

In July, I posted an article entitled “Has the Watchtower Now Embraced Open Theism (Part One).” In the article, I ambitiously conclude with the statement: “All that said, in the next post, I plan on getting into the meat of their new pamphlet, their new approach to dealing with us pesky Christians.” Obviously, I have taken a detour from this project in order to address some other topics. There are also my other responsibilities of school, family (we have a baby due any day now), and the podcast. I wanted to assure our readers, though, that this does not mean that I will not eventually address it. It is actually the only book on my desk at home, and has been for a while (I do most of my studying at the library, in my recliner, and at the local coffee shop). I will get around to it. Just please have patience with me.


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