Yesterday Was 9/11

For those of you who frequent this site or listen to The Fellowship, you will know who important child education is to me. Well last night, as my daughter (5yo) and I were grocery shopping, I took the opportunity to give her some basic information on the events that occurred on 09/11/01 in NYC. As we discussed it, she kept saying, “It’s like on Home Alone. He was in New York” (About a month ago, we rented the first Home Alone, so this week I had rented the second one and she’s been watching it.). I understandingly responded, “Yes. That’s the same city.”

On the car ride home, I asked her, so why is September 11th important? She parroted back the events I described for her and then said, “We remember it so that it won’t happen again.” What an insightful statement from a 5 year old, I thought. When we got home, we watched Home Alone 2, and I was astonished at a scene I never noticed before…


This video has been removed. After watching it in full,

I realized that it was a fan edit where they edited in actual footage of 9/11.

I apologize if you watched and were offended.



Let us remember the Twin Towers and the events of September 11, 2001 so that, Lord-willing, those events will never be repeated.


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