[News] Busy Week and Putting the Fellowship on Hold

Happy Saturday, everyone! Well, it’s been a busy week here at CredoCovenant. My wife and I had a baby this week (Livia Carolyn “Livy” Leonhart), so we’ve been pretty busy.

(ht: Vanessa Delgado, for the lovely pictures.)

Mommy, Norah 01

Daddy, Liam, Livy 01

Livy Yawning

JD, Jason, and our other friends all attended the Southern Baptist Founders Conference Southwest in Mansfield, TX. I hear reports that it went smashingly well.

JD Richard Barcellos

RB Jason Delgado

Sadly, I must report some bad news.


JD and I have decided to put the CredoCovenant Fellowship podcast on hold for a while. He has a young family and some career considerations on which to focus. I have a growing family and need to focus on school. There is one episode left, so keep your ear out for that. Also, we may occasionally do some reunion podcasts because, after all, our fellowship is not being put on hold… just the podcast.


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