[Prayer Request] RBS’s Creeds and Confessions Module

Please be in prayer for the students and professors who will be attending RBS’s upcoming Creeds and Confessions module in Las Vegas.

The list of professors includes:

  • Michael Haykin
  • Tom Nettles
  • Tom Ascol
  • Pascal Denault
  • Bob Gonzales

HT501-Creeds-and-Confessions-BannerIn fact, just yesterday Dr. Gonzales posted the lecture notes for one of the classes that will be taught at the module, “Confessional Subscription: Its Key Terms and Various Types”:

We normally associate the term “subscription” with signing up to receive certain periodicals, journals, and/or magazines to which we’ve “subscribed.” In religious or ecclesiastical parlance, however, the terms “subscription” or “subscribe” when tied to a doctrinal creed or confession refers to one’s affirmation of, agreement with, and commitment to a fixed body of doctrines or articles of faith that are officially representative of a church’s or denomination’s beliefs. It’s worth noting that the term “creed” derives from the Latin credo, meaning, “I believe.” The issue of subscription is important for churches or ecclesiastical bodies that are self-consciously “confessional,” especially as it relates to the level of commitment these institutions expect of their officers and teachers.

In the space below, we’ll examine some of the key terminology associated with confessional subscription. Then we will attempt to provide a survey of the major types (or levels) of confessional subscription that have been used by churches and denominations.

Read the rest here.


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