Why I left behind dispensationalism part 3: Becoming Reformed

So I was in church, I had learned about dispensationalism albeit a different strain, and was growing in the Lord.  Now let me say this for our dispensational brethren they can teach the bible and do a great job.  I learned a lot from them how to read the bible, how to study, prayer, proper worship.   So there was no reason I would leave this I was growing, learning the word, and then out of nowhere the church split.  And this wasn’t the good split such as we are starting up a new work and we need this many families to help start-up a church.  No one of the elders brought up charges against the pastor because of what the pastor’s child had done.  (Titus 1:6) The pastor demurred, and said he was misinterpreting that passage.  The church split, I went with the elder.

The families that went with the elders tried to start another church but there wasn’t the needed commitment and so we dispersed into varies other churches.  It was during this time that I was still looking for another church that I wandered into a Christian bookstore and I saw a book that had no reason to be in that store Dispensationalism: Rightly Dividing the People of God? by Keith A. Mathison.  Two things happened first I couldn’t believe my eyes second I had to buy that book.

So I went home and read the book, in about one day.  I then read the book again and it struck a chord in me.  I had always considered myself a protestant even if it was on the basis of my childhood church although it wouldn’t be wrong to say, as James White has, that I was a protestant by taste.  If I were to really sit down and try to articulate the protestant differences between the Roman church and the Protestant church I couldn’t. But this book told me that my presupposition about dispensationalism was completely wrong.  I had thought that dispensationalism was what Luther had taught, what Calvin had espoused and I was completely wrong.  I felt betrayed, and angry, there is a reason they call this the cage stage.  I had come to a decision I was a protestant and I was going to become one again.

The first thing I did was throw out my books, out with Lindsey, out with anything that dealt with eschatology everything that was dispensational had to go and go now.  My friends were aghast it seemed that I had joined a cult, they saw all the money I had spent on these books and now they were going into the recycling (some friends grabbed the books out of the bin and scurried off with them) they asked why?  My answer was its all crap, its wrong it’s not what protestants believed.  Like I said cage stage.

I now had empty shelves, well empty except for my programming and electronics books.  Time to fill them up again.  Soon Warfield, Sproul, Packer, Boetnner, Pink, Spurgeon, Luther, and Calvin was filling up the empty spaces.  Sproul especially was helpful his way of explaining the basic truths of the Reformed faith was what I needed.  But not only that I also found another man.

Part four coming soon.


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