Why I left behind Dispensationalism part 4

Now let’s see where was I, oh yes I was in the cage stage and being fed a diet of raw Arminians.  Actually I need to wrap this up don’t I?  The problem with being newly Reformed is finding a Reformed church in  the town you live in or at least near the town you live.  Unfortunately when there is no Reformed church, and no the local PCUSA churches don’t count as reformed, where do you do to get instruction?

Perchance you go here: The Highway I found this website when I searched for reformed theology and boy am I glad I did.  For one thing they one of the most comprehensive set of articles on all aspects of the reformed faith.  And the other is the discussion forum they run.  When I went in there I was raw newbie wanting to pick a fight with anyone the moderators recognized this and still took the time to answer my questions about covenant theology, soteriology, ecclesiology, and just about anything else.  This helped greatly as I was stuck in a non-denominational church not learning anything remotely like theology.

And that is the end of my tale.  Let me state that this isn’t the best way to become reformed, let alone a reformed baptist.  There are too many things that I’ve had to unlearn.  However the one thing that I’d say helped me most was The Highway  I would suggest to anyone who wants to learn more about reformed theology to go there.


3 thoughts on “Why I left behind Dispensationalism part 4

  1. The-highway.com’s pure excellence is the reason that ExCharisma (a forum for recovering ex-Pentecostals and confused Charismatics, desperately seeking a firm foundation and a real, back-to-basics, industrial strength, bible-based, solid experience of genuine Christianity) moved there after floundering in YahooGroups. Just as corruption and superstition had obscured the truth in the days before the Reformation, so it is today. And many of us are rediscovering the very same awesome truths that were fearlessly taught in the Reformation, hearing for the first time the same liberating truths that have freed countless numbers from corrupt Roman Catholic superstition and fear.

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