Movie Review: Big Hero 6

Big Hero Six
Cast: Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit, Daniel Henney, T.J. Miller, Jamie Chung, Damon Wayans, Jr., Génesis Rodriguez
Based on Big Hero 6 by Man of Action
Screenplay: Robert L. Baird, Dan Gerson, Jordan Roberts
Directed by: Don Hall, Chris Williams

Hiro Hamada is a 14 year old genius who wants to spend his nights fighting miniature robots in illegal back alley games in the futuristic city San Fransokyo. His older brother Tadashi tired of getting him out of scrapes with the law and gamblers that Hiro has scammed decides to take him to the university where Tadashi studies in order to get Hiro interested in something besides illegal robot fighting.

There Hiro meets Tadashi’s friends, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, GoGo Tamago and Fred. It there that Hiro also meets Baymax Tadashi’s health care robot. Hiro is entranced and realizes that this is where he needs to be. Tadashi tells him there is a competition and that if he can build something that impresses Professor Callaghan the head of the department he is sure to get accepted into the university.

Hiro goes to work in his garage and creates microbots thousands of tiny robots that can form almost anything and are controlled by a cerebral headband. Whatever you can imagine the robots can become or create. This impresses Professor Callaghan so much that Hiro is rewarded with a scholarship to the school. Everything looks like it is going Hiro’s way when a fire breaks out in the university Tadashi runs into save the professor and he is killed.

With his brother’s death Hiro withdraws to his room and there accidentally activates Baymax. While talking with Baymax the robot finds one of Hiro’s microbots which is active and seems wanting to join with others, but that is impossible because they were all destroyed in the fire but Baymax with Hiro following finds a factory where millions of microbots are being built. Along with the microbots is a mysterious figure in a kabuki mask that is controlling the microbots who attacks Hiro. Hiro and Baymax escapes and runs back to his garage where he realizes that the man in the mask killed his brother and he has to stop him.

Well that is all the spoilers that you are going to get.

This was based upon an old Marvel comic by the same name I never read the comic as I had given up on the mainstream comics a while back preferring to read the hip indie comics being put out by self publishers and other indie publishers.  And from what I’ve read about the comics this story was much better and more kid friendly.   And that is one of the pluses here it is kid friendly but not sickening so like other Disney cartoons.  Not to say there isn’t some flaws here for one thing a fourteen year old boy gambling!  Do I really want to show my kid that?  Also there is one scene where the robot Baymax goes berserk and tries to kill the villain throwing the team members around like rag dolls.  That just maybe a little intense for small kids.  However, there are redeeming values here too.  You see self-sacrifice, learning to think outside the box, respect for life and the need to challenge yourself. Also that revenge isn’t to be sought by us it doesn’t solve the problem.

Also there is a definite bad guy here, and pardon me for saying it I miss real bad guys.  Now, those who have seen the movie will say there are extenuating circumstances but I’d like to point out the comment made about Hiro’s brother by the kabuki masked villain.  All the kabuki masked guy is focused on is his need for revenge.

Visually this movie is good, its very good.  I like the fact that San Fransokyo isn’t a the distopic view that came with Blade Runner although there are elements of Blade Runner in it.  But definitely slanted the other way.  Also it is nice to see that the parent figure in this Hiro and Tadashi’s aunt is portrayed as a single parent who understands she doesn’t have all the answers and wishes she had read the parenting books.  There is realism.

All in all I have to say I liked this movie, I’m not saying it is the best thing since Princess Mononoke that is too high a bar but it is better than Frozen and your kid won’t be singing that song every moment of the day.  But they may just build their own robot out of Legos.

I’m giving this movie 3.5 stars out of 5.


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