Movie Review: The Investigator

Director: Curtis Graham
Writer: Richard A. Romano
Cast:Wade Williams, David M. Sanborn, Kevin White, Logan Alderman, Evan Brady, Dayton Sinkia, Carlos Garriga, Jonathan Cho.

James Buonocore is a twenty year veteran of the police, he has a pretty wife who is pregnant with their son and a brother whose an award winning actor on television. He goes to church on Sunday, loves his family, and baseball.

Then a drug bust goes wrong, an innocent man is killed and James Buonocore is told he must retire for the good of the department. His wife loses the baby and James loses his faith. His brother Paul convinces him to take a job as the baseball coach for a local Christian high school. He takes the job and learns that besides being a coach he must also teach a course in criminal justice.

While at the school James finds it tough to leave the street behind so neither the teachers nor the students know what to make of his aggressive demeanor. His no nonsense attitude raises the ire of the football coach who thinks that the only sport that should be played is of course football. But that isn’t the only thing, the kids also challenge him regarding his faith or lack there of. To the point where he proposes that they investigate the homcide of Jesus Christ to see whether he was actually the Son of God and was ressurected.

I learned of this movie via a Chris Arnzen facebook post and decided to look into it. Again let me state that I have a tendency to groan at the lack of production values in most “Christian” movies since many of them look like they were made on a high school soundstage with an eight milimeter camera. So I was pleasantly surprised to see this wasn’t the case. And the acting wasn’t sub par either. As for the plot, well the foreshadowing in the beginning was a little obvious.

Now the actual investigation into Jesus is based on evidentary apologetics. The kids are placed into a jury box and James brings in various experts to present evidence, “secular” evidence not using the bible but rather extra biblical sources. Because they can’t trust the bible because it is too prejudice. Now I should state that James Buonocore is Roman Catholic so if I’m going to be really protestant about this I would say that lack of trust in the biblical accounts disturbs me. And they don’t try to show the reliability of the texts rather the emphasis is proof through circumstatial evidence. The kids are the judge they’re the ones who have to find the truth. Because finding the truth is all that matters.

Personally this wasn’t a bad movie its not what I’d call a great one but it was enjoyable. It is based on a true story of events in Richard A. Romano life. If I was a parent with teenagers this could be an excellent discussion movie. If you’re pressupositionally inclined I would use this to point out the error of using only evidentiary apologetics.

I give this movie three stars out of five.


One thought on “Movie Review: The Investigator

  1. EXCELLENT MOVIE. For people of all ages. Especially great for non-Christians or fallen Christians who need to GET UP! Thank you TBN for putting “The Investigator” on your schedule!

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