The silly season

Did you happen to watch CNN the other day?  If you didn’t then let me inform you of the coming seasonal change.  No I don’t mean spring, not anything like that rather it is that season that typically happens twice a year around two major Christian holidays.  I can see the light dawning in your eyes you know what I am talking about, yes it is that time once again when the various news stations try searching for Jesus.

And of course the first in this search for Jesus isn’t the bible, no rather it centers on the shroud of Turin.  Now if you’re unfamiliar with this let me explain:  The shroud of Turin is a piece of woven cloth that is roughly fourteen feet long and four feet wide.  Upon the cloth appears the image of a naked man who has what appears to be the marks of a crucifixion.  This cloth is claimed to be the burial shroud of Jesus.

Now various tests have been done to the shroud and most have said that it isn’t a first century object rather it dates from the thirteenth to fourteenth century.  John Calvin in his Treatise on Relics said this about the shroud:

“How is it possible that those sacred historians, who carefully related all the miracles that took place at Christ’s death, should have omitted to mention one so remarkable as the likeness of the body of our Lord remaining on its wrapping sheet?”

Now I admit that at one time I had a fascination with this piece of cloth, but I had an epiphany.  I was at a bible study at a church one day and there was a discussion of the resurrection of Christ.  While we were discussion what the scripture in John had to say regarding the resurrection an elderly lady spoke up and said that we had the shroud of Turin to prove the resurrection.  Two things flashed through my mind the first was that scripture and scripture alone should be what we trust when it comes to the resurrection.  Second was that if I put my trust on something that could ultimately proven false then my faith isn’t based on something eternal such as God, rather it is based upon something that can be destroyed by a match.

So to return to the beginning, the silly season is once again upon us.  Where they search for Jesus in every place but where he is told about the most, the scripture.  So be ready questions are going to come up, maybe one of your friends who don’t know Jesus is going to ask about “The search for Jesus” if so point them to scripture where are the words of life. John 6:68


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