The Meme Response

Today’s post contains content of an adult nature.

You know for any articulate response to complex issues there is always that one person who thinks it can be answered by a meme.  And in a trollish manner they post the meme and scamper out not waiting or caring to see a response.  

I was on Facebook where someone posted this meme in response to North Carolina’s so called bathroom law.  I am sure you have seen it before.

Yes don’t you see?  Wait do you really see it?  Let’s break this down.  

This is Sarina:

Now besides the unrealistic measurements of Sarina do you notice any thing?  How about her surroundings are plainly photoshopped.  And when you really get down to it the water isn’t the only thing photoshopped so is Sarina.  So the internet is a wonderful thing you can now search for pictures and when I search for Sarina this is what I find:  Sarina search  Nintyfive percent of them are from deviant art website, Reddit, or similar websites.  None of them point to an actual person.  So Sarina doesn’t exist except in some art program.
Now how about Buck?

Well Buck is different just by the picture alone you can see that Buck is a real person there is nothing of Photoshop about Buck.  And if you do a image search you will find that Buck is Buck Angel a transgender porn star.  

Buck started out as Susan and had gender dysphoria from an early age until finally Susan went under the knife had her breasts removed and started taking male hormones and kept on taking them because if she stops her natural characteristics will return.  Not to mention that she like many other transgender didn’t get her sexual organs converted because basically she couldn’t experience pleasure any more.  Now referring to herself as a man named Buck she is becoming an advocate for transgender community.

So ultimately what do we have?  Two lies one is a fake person who doesn’t exist.  The other is a woman who wants to be a man in all ways but one.  

So does two lies negate the truth?  The truth is that God created them male and female (Gen. 1:27) and no matter what the image of God remains and we need to treat the transgendered as image bearers of God who need the gospel.  Because the gospel changes everything.  And we need to speak the truth whether it is about bathrooms, safety and privacy, or what God desires regarding male and female. 


3 thoughts on “The Meme Response

  1. I respect your opinion, but your faith doesn’t negate societal acceptance. I am Christian, do not worry, and I am bisexual. NOW, I do not have sex, and am in a committed relationship with a women, not to mention I do feel transgender, and have descussed on multiple occasions with my church about my feelings. I will not push someone down because of my faith. That is wrong, and you should think on a different plain of thought rather than say “this is wrong” simply because GENDER DYSPHORIA in fact changes the hormonal balance within a person’s body. GD isn’t the only problem dealing with genders, look at hermaphrodites, Klinfelters syndrome, and many others. We are not subjected to just one or another gender. We as a people don’t live like that anymore, and I will not stand by letting one opinion hurt others.

    • Anonymous,

      You start your comment by saying that you respect Keachfan’s opinion. I don’t understand. How can you respect someone’s opinion if you think his opinion (as you say) hurts others? The reason the meme response doesn’t work is the same reason the emotion-based response does not work. Understand the heart of the Bible’s position on this matter.

      The apologist, like the paramedic, does what he does out of a heart of service. If a paramedic is called to a scene where a man is in cardiac arrest, his job is not to do CPR only if he can ensure that no ribs will be broken. In most cases of CPR, ribs will be broken. In the same way, a firefighter removing a man experiencing a psychotic episode from a burning building will not likely get him out without hurting his feelings and perhaps even causing some minor physical injuries in the process.

      You may find the truth offensive. Just as no paramedic or firefighter desires to cause injuries, our desire is not to offend you. However, if your offense comes from the truth you are suppressing, we are still called to preach the truth. We simply hope that you know that the injuries incurred were inflicted out of a heart of service, not malice.

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