An Introduction of Sorts….

Hello, I’m Wynter and I’m glad to be a new contributor to the site. I hope to provide some edifying content for CredoCovenant Fellowship. I hope that my writing style will be intriguing to you the reader.

I suppose I should write a little about myself. I’ll spare you from the parts that probably don’t pertain to the website. If you would like to check out more about me, go to

At age twenty-two I started attending Mariposa Reformed Baptist Church. Although I had a calling to pastoral ministry before then. It wasn’t till I switched from an SBC to ARBCA church that I really started to take seminary seriously. I’ve been taking classes at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary for close to two years now. I think I have two more semesters there but we shall see in due time.  Religious topics of interest: Church History (Modern), Christian Ethics, Christians & Public Discourse, and Critical Thinking.

I also do a lot of writing. When I’m not completing writing assignments for seminary I am working on writing plays and….well…blog posts. I also seem to always have a sermon on the backburner which just adds to the word jumble in my mind.


If this short introduction interests you, then stick around for more. I seem to slowly reveal more about myself as time goes by.


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