A Comparison Most Fowl…

4791053_fb7d249dThink of a lake, big or small, and imagine all the life forms possibly in it. Fish, frogs, turtles (maybe), crawdads, Baptists(if the weather is right of course and if they just saw the baptism scene in O Brother Where Art Thou), as well as Presbyterians who the Baptists mistakenly thought were having a water fight with their children. All that and much more can be in a body of water but the thing that I want to focus on is our feathered friend with the bill.

The duck.white-duck-in-the-lead

You see, I’ve started to like ducks. I’m not just talking about the “daffy” kind of ducks. I enjoy looking over a lake and seeing ducks just out there doing whatever ducks do. Most people don’t know what ducks do. Sure people know
only that they can swim, fly, and eat. But what else do they do? People may be even shocked to realize that ducks aren’t like what you see and hear on T.V. or on most radio programs. I must say most, because there are some ducks who are like the “quacks” they hear on their favorite station.

Which leads to a shocking revelation that many have heard but do not truly know.

There are many kinds of ducks. There are Mallard Ducks, Mandarin Ducks, Crested Ducks, Hooked Bill Ducks, Indian Runner Ducks, and so many more breeds of ducks. Of course there all still ducks, but it is also obvious that their are distinctions.

Several ducks swimming in a small pond

Regardless of how many people think  that “all ducks are the same”, their are important distinctions to be made.  For instance:

Ducks can have different colored bills.

Some ducks have longer necks.

Some ducks spend too much time worrying about the length of  tail feathers the see on other ducks.

Some ducks look upon every movement in the lake as a fullfilliment of a duck prophecy.

Some ducks look upon “Scrooge Mcduck” as a role model and someone to imitate.

Some ducks have even forgotten what it means to be a duck.

Some ducks were just born in a duck home.

Some ducks think their the only true ducks.

While other ducks recognize that there are other kinds of ducks but feel that they should not be in a association with them.

A lot of ducks use to fly south but after a short stay in Florida, they decided to head towards Southern California.

All ducks agree on domestic-crested-duck-camdenmefull immersion.
Now this is alot to take in about ducks but I saved what I discovered about a certain breed of duck for last. You see, there are ducks out there that do not mind resting in old waters where ducks from years ago have been. These ducks seem to grow beards like their fellow crested ducks. They also like cigars and beers.

A lot of these ducks can be little snappy and should be in a cage.

However, if I was to turn into a duck, I would want to be one of those bearded ducks.




(If you read the whole thing…good for you and thanks.)

(Also, this post is not about ducks.)

–  W.


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2 thoughts on “A Comparison Most Fowl…

  1. You forgot to mention the ducks who quack with disdain about all other ducks when they hang out with their frog friends who have been sooo mistreated by duckkind. 🙂 They seem to be the most popular ducks in the pond. They have lots of friends among the frogs, turtles, and fish.

    Oh, and there are the ducks that starve themselves rather than gather with the other ducks during feeding time. Those are most interesting.

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