Troglodite (One is The Loneliest Number)

I’m going to be honest with you and I hope you will find it informative. I hope to give you a different perspective of what it is like for young men of faith. There are those who might disagree with some things I write in this article. I also don’t want to go into full detail or write my entire experience out in one post. What I will try to do is bring to your attention that which may be occurring to young men and women in you church. 

This seems to happen to me occasionally at church. Praising our sovereign Lord with fellow believers, listening to the preached word, and taking the Lord’s Supper together. I’ll take a look around the sanctuary and I see families worshipping together. I see husbands and wives together, sitting closely, and both are listening to the sermon. Together they have a bond that helps them everyday. Together they bring glory to God. Together they help each other be great stewards of what God has given them.

And together they have something that I have yet to find.Husbands and wives sit on the same pew together. My pew is empty except for myself. This emptiness mimics that which is within me. There is an emptiness that many young men feel around my age. It is a small voice in their head that can best be described using lyrics from the song Troglodite by the Jimmy Castor Bunch. The words are repeated almost as a mantra:

“Gotta find a woman, Gotta find a woman, Gotta find a woman, Gotta find a woman….”


This voice can drive many men to do things that can have adverse effects.

Pornography really takes advantage of men trying to balance the silencing of the voice while maintaining an ever shrinking definition of “purity”. The created abstinence zealot becomes his own worst enemy and his most damaging debate partner.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more going on that brings me(us) to low state. Remember how hard it was when you first started believing in reformed theology? Remember bringing the family to a new church which was probably very different from your old one? Now imagine doing that alone. A single man. Now throw in that most of the single woman go to one of the bigger churches in the area.

You have a melting pot that could very well be the undoing of a person’s convictions.

What brings me comfort during these times of loneliness and emptiness is our Savior Jesus Christ. I lay my burdens down at his pierced feet and pray to our Sovereign Lord. I seek help from fellow brothers in Christ and find the wise counsel of older men to be beneficial. I talk to my brothers and sisters in Christ for I’m not alone. We pray for each other and help each other be accountable.

The same couples that I see around my church also help. They are great examples of Christian couples and one can learn from them.

I don’t know if this post was beneficial or not but it just needed to be let out and heard, if that makes sense.






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