Before The Hymns Are Sung

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Frequently, I have the honor of leading my church in singing during our service. I have experience doing this in the church I grew up in. I think it was around sophomore year in high school when I asked to join and I just took. However, the church that I’m at now is different.

Some would say the music we play is the biggest difference but that is not necessarily so. I would say that there is something else.

Our church does not use mics or amplification. In fact, we don’t need to.

I move to the front of the sanctuary, grab my guitar, we all turn to the hymn, and weImage result for Hymn Worship sing. On those days where my vocals are down and out, it’s not that much of an issue. I’m drowned out by the voices of the congregation. I truly have the best spot in the sanctuary. I see my fellow brothers and sisters sing to the Lord. I see children following along as their parents breakdown the more difficult hymns.

Before the Hymns are sung, I pray. I pray for the congregation. I pray for the preacher. I pray for those new to the practice of singing hymns and I pray for those that barely have to look at the hymnal when singing. I pray for those who came this particular Sunday and for those that didn’t (I actually will message some to see if everything is all right).

Image result for Hymn Worship

This blog post came about after I practiced some of the music for this Sunday. I wanted to let the people sitting in the pews know what goes on at least in my mind and let my fellow church musicians know that they are not the only one.


I better practice some more

Till next time,


(I don’t know if I need to say this but let me be clear. I’m not condemning technology or amplification. I’m not nor have ever been associated with the Luddites 🙂 )




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