CredoCovenant is a “plurality of bloggers” site dedicated to providing resources for the Christian community and interacting with the larger culture from a Reformed Baptist perspective. Some of our contributors will be pastors, but not all. We do not consider ourselves a ministry in any official sense, but we do hope our thoughts and resources aid the local church in bringing glory to God and help the world to see Christ more fully.

The Authors –




Long lost scion of the Wold-Newton family, and trained in baritsu as was his famous cousin, Keachfan uses his acerbic wit to tweak the noses of those that deserve tweaking.

Reformed Baptista


Homeschooling mom to a handful of children, helpmeet, amateur researcher, ice cream consumer.

Alicia Williams


Wife of 3 years, mother of one active little girl, homemaker, and a newbie to the Reformed faith.

Gabriel Williams


Husband of 3 years, father of one, professor of atmospheric physics, and most importantly, a recipient of the grace of God.

Wynter Sturtevant III


Seminarian – Writer – Podcaster – Gamer – Casual Critical Thinker

The Administrators –


William Frederick “Billy” Leonhart III

Christmas 2015 (8)

Husband of 16 years, father of three, and pastor of Sovereign Grace.

Jason Delgado


Husband, father of five, and member of Sovereign Joy.

JD Warren

2015-03-10 11.18.51-1 Husband, father of two, merchant at Cost Plus World Market, elder candidate at Bethesda Baptist Church.


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