Christianity and the Arts [Complete]

Many books have been written on the subject of Christianity and the arts. In recent years, there seems to have been a surge of young artists calling themselves Christians in film, music, and other arenas. How ought Christians to think about this issue?


Well, we are no experts on the subject, but in Part One and Part Two of our series on “Christianity and the Arts,” JD and I discuss how we have approached the issue, how we were influenced by our upbringings, and how our approach to the subject is informed by the Bible.

[Redux] CCF Episode Twenty: Christianity and the Arts (Part Two)


Earlier today, I posted the podcast for this week, but not really. The file I embedded was the one from two weeks ago. However, if you listened to that one (Christianity and the Arts, Part One), it should serve as a good refresher before listening to this week’s episode: Part Two. Enjoy.

In this episode, Billy and JD sit down to discuss movies, Christian liberty, and paintings. Featuring audio excerpts from the motion pictures Chariots of FireOctober Baby, and Bella.

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Chariots of Fire

October Baby


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