The Baptist Catechism – Questions 1-6, Authority, Revelation, and Scripture

You may now read commentary on these questions from The Baptist Catechism exclusive to CredoCovenant here.



Q.1: Who is the first and chiefest being?

A. God is the first and chiefest being.

( Isaiah 44:6; 48:12; Psalm 97:9 )


Q.2: Ought everyone to believe there is a God?

A. Everyone ought to believe there is a God; and it is their great sin and folly who do not.

( Hebrews 11:6; Psalm 14:1 )


Q.3: How may we know there is a God?

A. The light of nature in man and the works of God plainly declare there is a God; but His Word and Spirit only do it fully and effectually for the salvation of sinners.

( Romans 1:19-20; Psalm 19:1-3; Acts 17:24; 1Corinthians 2:10; 2Timothy 3:15-16 )


Q.4: What is the Word of God?

A. The Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament are the Word of God, and the only certain rule of faith and obedience.

( 2Timothy 3:16; Ephesians 2:20 )


Q.5: May all men make use of the Holy Scriptures?

A. All men are not only permitted, but commanded and exhorted to read, hear, and understand the Holy Scriptures.

( John 5:38; Revelation 17:18-19; Acts 8:30 )


Q.6: What things are chiefly contained in the Holy Scriptures?

A. The Holy Scriptures chiefly contain what man ought to believe concerning God, and what duty God requireth of man.

( 2Timothy 1:13; 3:15-16 )

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