Why Blog The Baptist Confession?

Some of you have doubtless wondered why I have apparently made it my mission to blog The Baptist Confession and The Baptist Catechism here at CredoCovenant. I mean, surely there are other places on the internet where these confessional statements are made available. Why consolidate them here on CredoCovenant? Surely others of you, thinking you know my reasons, see no reason to ponder the question in the first place. So to answer the question myself and to clear up any misconceptions that may prevail, I thought I’d just list my reasons:

1. Our church is considering the adoption of The Baptist Confession as our own. As such, we are currently teaching through it in our adult’s Sunday school class, and our members have been asked to familiarize themselves with it. Blogging The Baptist Confession helps me to meet two goals in this regard:

a. It helps me equip the body at my church to have online access to the individual chapters of the confession and the Scripture passages that support them, and..

b. It provides me with an opportunity to personally revisit the confession, chapter-by-chapter, and reconsider my personal subscription to it.

2. I have enjoyed revisiting these confessional statements for my own personal edification.

3. It provides visitors to CredoCovenant with a theological context for the content they will find on the site.

4. It’s a quick and easy resource to which I might link when engaging in theological conversations elsewhere on the web.

5. Blogging The Baptist Confession and The Baptist Catechism gives me something to do when I’m bored.

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