CCF Episode Fourteen: Adam and the God of Covenants


In this episode, JD and Billy sit down with Pastor Jason Delgado and Jack DiMarco to discuss the first two chapters of Covenant Theology: From Adam to Christ by Nehemiah Coxe and John Owen. Featuring music from Least of These and Beautiful Eulogy.

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Covenant Theology: From Adam to Christ by Nehemiah Coxe and John Owen

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5 thoughts on “CCF Episode Fourteen: Adam and the God of Covenants

  1. Here was the quote I was referring to:

    Abu Bakr, one of Muhammad’s closest friends and the first Muslim leader after Muhammad’s death, was afraid for his own eternal destiny?

    “Although he had such a faith, which was too great to suffice all the inhabitants of the earth, he was afraid that his heart might go astray. So, he used to utter, while weeping: ‘Would that I have been a bitten tree!’ Whenever he was reminded of his position in Allah’s sight, he would say: ‘By Allah! I would not rest assured and feel safe from the deception of Allah (la amanu limakr Allah), even if I had one foot in paradise.’” (Khalid Muhammad Khalid, Successors of the Messenger, translated by Muhammad Mahdi al-Sharif [Dar al-Kotob al-Ilmiyah, Beirut Lebanon, 2005], Book One: Abu Bakr Has Come, p. 99; bold and italic emphasis ours)

    What a great grace assurance is for the Christian!

  2. Yeah, sorry. I wasn’t able to post this until right before I left for work this morning, and I was still a couple minutes late to work. Editing the audio while searching for specific things to edit out can be difficult. Anyway, I don’t think anything you said was particularly questionable. JD and I on the other hand should probably repent of our ignorance. 🙂

    • Ha, no, your editing was fine… it was just my 2nd comment above I answered later, I just forgot the term. Covenant Theology is a big big topic with lots of tracks to go down and discover… even though it is hard I think it is worth it. I’m pressing on in a fuller understanding of it too!

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