Commentary on the latest podcast

For all who are curious, I just gave the recipe for Baptist Milk in the latest podcast talking about the arts. On this episode we deal with music specifically. On the next one we talk about movies. Something we didn’t talk about was what music brings about and our reaction to it. How does it make us feel, but especially how does it make us think? More important to this conversation for the Christian is are we able to still keep “every thought captive to the mind of Christ”(2 Corinthians 10:5), as well as “being transformed by the renewing of the mind”(Romans 12:2). We must listen to music not in a merely passive way. It’s not just for entertainment. “Everything that breathes must praise The Lord.” This is the hard part in our culture when it comes to the arts. Music is subjective, but it must bring about that which is objectively God-glorifying. If an artist is talking about the struggle of human life and the meaning of life and love, he’s asking questions that only God can answer. So we should ask those questions with him, but our answer must be Christ. If someone is talking about liberation from oppression, we should ask what is oppressing you and is it appropriate to ask the question? In regards to race and employment it is good to long for equity and justice (not fairness). In regards to sexual liberty, we must long for what is right in the eyes of God and not in our own eyes. Ultimately music is something we are free to listen, to enjoy, to think, and to praise God. All things must be to that end. Soli Deo Gloria!

4 thoughts on “Commentary on the latest podcast

  1. Real quick, on the second part of our discussion of the arts we will be discussing movies and paintings. However, I was thinking I may put some space between Part One and Part Two, but go ahead and post our discussion of The Communist Manifesto next week. Thoughts?

  2. I like to talk about topics wiser men than I have written for public review. Books by learned men are way better than our ramblings!

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