The Creedal Imperative by Carl Trueman (paperback)

Creedal ImperativeThe Creedal Imperative by Carl Trueman

Paperback: 208 pages

Publisher: Crossway; (September 30, 2012)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1433521903

ISBN-13: 978-1433521904





What if “No creed but the Bible” is unbiblical?

The role of confessions and creeds is the subject of debate within evangelicalism today as many resonate with the call to return to Christianity’s ancient roots. Advocating for a balanced perspective, Carl Trueman offers an analysis of why creeds and confessions are necessary, how they have developed over time, and how they can function in the church of today and tomorrow.




CredoCovenant Review – Billy Leonhart

“How might creedal and confessional commitments jeopardize the protestant commitment to Sola Scriptura? Are such commitments not tantamount to the elevation of tradition to the level of, if not above, Scripture itself? Will not such commitments in essence render the church irrelevant in this modern age? Whatever happened to ‘no creed but the Bible’? Carl Trueman, Professor of Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia, PA.), seeks to answer these questions and more in The Creedal Imperative. In this book, Trueman argues that ‘creeds and confessions are, in fact, necessary for the well-being of the church’ (20).” Read more…

Listen to Our Discussions of This Book

Listen to Our Discussions of This Book

IX Marks Review – Peter Hess

“In The Creedal Imperative, Carl Trueman argues that, if a church hopes to ‘follow the pattern of the sound words’ that has been entrusted to it (2 Tim. 1:13), that church requires a robust confessionalism.” Read more…


The Aquila Report – Aimee Byrd

“Apparently, this book is too cool for a subtitle. Carl Trueman has a market on cool by rebelling against cool. Especially skinny jeans. But I digress. I’m thinking something like, ‘The Indicatives are Imperative.’ But that’s just me. Does your church catechize or teach with creeds? Sure it does. Trueman makes the case that all churches and all people have a creed, whether they admit it or not. ‘No creed but the Bible’ just doesn’t exist, and is a creed in itself (maybe that’s a good subtitle).” Read more…


The Blog (Founders) – Tom Hicks

“With Christianity on the wane in Western culture, some leaders have urged Christians to deemphasize secondary doctrines in order to stand united on gospel essentials.  Our numbers are too small, they say, for Christians to continue nit picking at each other on long disputed matters of theology.  Let me suggest, however, that doctrinal minimalism is the wrong approach, especially at this time.  While all true Christians should stand united for the advancement of Christ’s kingdom and against the rising specter of secularism, this is not the time to sideline secondary doctrines of the faith.  Now, more than ever, we need robust, thoroughly biblical expressions of Christianity.  We need an encyclopedically confessional faith.” Read more…


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