One Last Reflection on Race and the Church

CredoCovenant was mentioned in this post from Alicia over at Wife with Purpose.

Wife with Purpose

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about my perspective on the Ferguson, MO situation and some things we could take away from it, especially being Christians. And my dear sweet husband sent me another blog that I personally found convicting and full of exhortation as well. His blog was entitled: 50 Shades of Christ: The Other Side of a Much Needed Dialogue, and truly, he did present another side of a dialogue that very much needs to happen. So, though this is a few weeks old, I do encourage you to check out his blog, and freely comment on your thoughts and views. The conversation can only be helped and fostered by your participation. Now, after reading that blog, I had some final thoughts that I wanted to share here one last thought on race and the church with this basic question: Has anything good come from Black people that…

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2 thoughts on “One Last Reflection on Race and the Church

  1. Thanks for re-posting this… a great post as well as a great response to it. Although I must admit that I am biased since the original author is my wife 🙂

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