Book Review: “The Resurrection in Your Life” by Mike McKinley

resurrection in your life

The Resurrection in Your Life
How the living Christ changes your world

by Mike McKinley

[ Paperback: $12.22 | Ebook: $9.99 ]

1 Sentence Review:

This book is a good, straightforward, easy to read and understand explanation of the resurrection of Jesus and how that applies to your life. 3 stars

Just 3 Stars?

So why would I just give it a 3 stars (3 out of 5 star) rating on Goodreads? Well, in the Goodreads system that just means “I liked it”. It is weird for me to give a book that does a great job of explaining the greatest event in history three starts, but let me explain why and in doing so the book will be reviewed.


The book is straightforward and accurately explains the resurrection of Jesus and other core doctrine, all being presented in a very easy to access sermon format (I did think each chapter sounded like a sermon and at the end of the book it said that is what they where from.)

The book is a good tool for reminding long-time believers of the essentials of our faith, and a great tool for introducing those glorious truths to those who don’t yet know them or are new believers.

For me, this makes this book an excellent disciple or small group study tool. Each chapter is short, easy to read and understand, and concludes with questions for reflections.

I should also point out that his history with 9Marks shines forth. Though he doesn’t explicitly use the terms Ecclesiology and Biblical Theology he uses and explains them in simple and good ways.

What didn’t you love it?

Four stars would have meant “I really liked it” and five that “I loved it”. I can definitely say that about the truths in the book, but I’ve read better on the resurrection, but some of those “better” books may be too technical for some so I’d point them here first.

Another reason I didn’t “really like it” or “love it” was cause there was a couple sentences in there that seemed to keep the door open to Continuationism (strange, cause he used to be an elder at Capital Hill Baptist). However, it is a passing note and can easily be dealt with if taking someone along with you in this book. Also, the book seems to lose more and more focus as the chapters went on. I know the connections to the whole in my head, but I don’t think the book itself explained it well enough to make a new believer reading this on their own able to make sense of the last couple of chapters.

All in all:

All in all, the above aren’t huge deals but just why it didn’t get the four and five stars from me. 🙂 Outside of those small things I would recommend this book as a basic guide in the resurrection of Jesus and what living a resurrected life looks like, in that it answers the question that is ask, “How does the fact that Jesus is in heaven change the way that we live?”!

I’ll leave you with some quotes from the book:

“No one in Jesus’ service ever gives more to him than they get from him.”

“Jesus saves people into a community.”

“If you have resisted getting deeply involved in a church because the people are lame or weird or messy, you are missing a beautiful opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ by loving others despite their faults. And you are robbing others of a great opportunity to love you despite yours!”

“Your church is not in heaven,… nor is mine. It is a church built on heavenly principles, but stuffed full of sinful people. That kind of community is not easy.”

“The Internet makes communicating with people around the world fairly easy, but it does little to encourage us to get to know our neighbors or co-workers.”

“The story doesn’t stop at the wooden cross. It doesn’t stop at the empty tomb…”

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