CredoCovenant 2.1

If you look to the menu bar, you’ll see that we have added a new page. The following post is the jist of what you’ll find there.

CredoCovenant is a community contribution site for Reformed Baptists with a variety of different backgrounds and interests. We gladly welcome new contributors to our line-up. We have just a few requirements:

1) Contributors must subscribe to the doctrine taught in The Baptist Confession (1689).
2) Contributors must be baptized Christians covenanted to, and in good standing with, a local congregation of believers.
3) Contributors must demonstrate that they can offer something unique to the conversation.

If you or someone you know fits this bill, please feel free to e-mail us at We’d love to add your voice to our website.


4 thoughts on “CredoCovenant 2.1

  1. Speaking of writing I’ve been working on a piece for the blog for awhile now but I get interrupted by doctors all the time. I am free of them for now and will try to get the piece posted.

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