The State of Higher Education



Recently, I’ve finished a blog series in which I examined the state of college education from a Reformed Christian perspective. The goal of this mini-series was to address how the decline in morality and ethics, along with the abandonment of a Christian worldview of education, has affected the quality of our college education system. This was accomplished by answering two basic questions: (1) How have the noetic effects of sin directly and indirectly impacted the current state and trajectory of American education? (2) What should be the Christian’s response to the current state and trajectory of American education?

As Christians, we know that the discipleship of the mind and the heart are inseparable. In other words, it is impossible to separate morality and education because they both are part of the discipleship process and thus they mutually influence each other. My basic thesis is that the darkening of the American culture (due to its rejection of God’s moral law and a Biblical worldview) has invariably led to the darkening of the American college education system. This post breaks up that series into seven basic parts:


Part I: The Effects of Sin on Higher Education

Part II: Higher Education and the Discipleship of the Mind

Part III: The Autonomous Self and Higher Education

Part IV: Morality and Education

Part V: Naturalism and Education

Part VI: Liberalism and Education

Part VII: The Cost of Higher Education

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