CredoCovenant Fellowship 2.0?

A while back, we revamped the website and made it a community blog, a plurality of bloggers so-to-speak. In a sense, we went from being a local blog to being a transnational website. Part of this effort was a request for our readers to consider whether or not they had a desire to contribute to our website. That request still stands, and we’d always love to have new contributors. However, we know that writing is not everyone’s “bag.”

Vintage microphone on green background. Retro style. 3d

Around the same time that we became a plurality of bloggers website, several things occurred that made it impossible for us to continue the CredoCovenant Fellowship podcast in its (then) present form. Some of our podcast contributors had major events transpiring in their lives. I myself have since moved 3½ hours away. Recently, there have been some stirring in the underground. If the website is no longer local, why should the podcast be, assuming we’re even interested in relaunching the podcast?

Let’s assume for the moment that CredoCovenant were interested in relaunching the podcast. I’d be interested to find out how many of our readers have the talent and desire to be on said podcast. We would be using Google Hangouts, so there will be no geographic limitations. If you are curious about how you might participate, check out our Contribute Page and, assuming you meet our very loose qualifications, hit me up. I’d like to know what unique contributions you might be able to bring to a CredoCovenant Fellowship 2.0 podcast. Whether you’d be interested in contributing to the website or to a potential podcast, take a look at the qualifications on the Contribute page, and give us a shout!

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