A Little Time With The 1689: Day 16


Day 16

Of The Holy Scriptures

Chapter 1, Paragraph 8.

“But because these original tongues are not known to all the people of God, who have a right unto, and interest in the Scriptures, and are commanded in the fear of God to read…”

Scripture Lookup

Acts 15:5.  Where are the words of the prophets written?


With the abundance of media available today, it is easy to dismiss reading. I mean, it actually takes some work. You have to engage with what is written on the page, comprehend it, and keep it in context with what you read pages before and pages after. Compared to social media and television, reading can even seem dull. There aren’t often pictures, sound or video accompanying written text. And when it comes to reading the Bible, sometimes it can seem tedious. Black words on a white background, sometimes red words too, but not very snazzy otherwise.

As Christians, however, we have a right to the Scriptures. This is God’s Word! In medieval times, the laypeople were not allowed to read the Scriptures. Joe Peasant would not have been able to read for himself how “it is by grace we have been saved”. By contrast, the Puritans placed a great emphasis on literacy. The ability to read, coupled with reading the Bible, allowed Scripture to be more easily memorized, more easily comprehended, and more easily meditated upon.

In Western society, we have been blessed with incredible access to the Scriptures. Let us not despise the work needed to read it. Don’t take the right to the Scriptures for granted.

Your word I have treasured in my heart,

that I may not sin against You. -Psalm 119:11 (NASB)

Questions to Consider

  • Have you exercised your right to the Scriptures?
  • How are you spending time reading the Bible?

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