A Little Time With The 1689: Day 47


Day 47

Of God and of the Holy Trinity

Chapter 2, Paragraph 2.

“…and in all his Commands; to him is due from angels and men, whatsoever worship, service, or obedience as Creatures they owe unto the Creator, and whatever he is further pleased to require of them.”

Scripture Lookup

Revelation 5:12-14.


Love so amazing, so divine,

demands my soul, my life, my all.

-Isaac Watts, “When I Survey The Wondrous Cross”

He is worthy.

In Western culture, rebellion and distrust of authority is the norm. Even with those leaders we like, we are apt to follow only as long as we choose. The moment we disagree with a policy, up go the arguments: “Who does he think he is?” “All leaders are corrupt!” “They can’t tell me what to do!” Naturally, this distrust extends to God. The unbeliever denies His existence, or defames His character, all in a vain effort to be autonomous. Like the poem Invictus by Henley, they want to be the master of their fate, the captain of their soul.

As sinners, this attitude of rebellion is nothing new: Adam and Eve, anyone? The nation of Israel, often called “stiff-necked”? Even when we become Christians, we tend to resist the demands of God when they are not agreeable to us. Got any idols in your life that you can’t live without? Do you want to be accepted by others, no matter what compromises may have to be made? Is your desire for comfort keeping you from following His commands?

When we study who God is, we cannot but come to the logical conclusion that yes, He is to be worshiped. Yes, He is to be served. Yes, He is to be obeyed. And yes, we ought to be willing to do whatever else He may require. Because He is worth it.

Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. -John 6:68

May we lay down our lives to be in submission to Him. May He help us to do so.

Questions to Consider

  • How are you cultivating a submissive heart to God?

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