A Little Time With The 1689: Day 75


Day 75

Of Creation

Chapter 4, Paragraph 2.

“….with reasonable and immortal souls,…

Scripture Lookup

Genesis 2:7.


Thinking is a privilege. As humans we are not just mammals. Unlike animals, we are not guided by instinct. We have a soul that is able to reason. We are able to gather data and formulate convictions based upon that data. Holding certain beliefs and opinions is one way that we are different than the rest of creation. As such, we have a responsibility to use our reason and act accordingly. Many do not want to be burdened with having to reason, though, and willingly act like the animals from which we were we set apart. Some insist that there is no soul, just brain chemistry and neurons.

However, we are not just neurons firing. There is a spiritual aspect to our being. Our souls in this fallen world need the hope and comfort that only Christ brings. This comfort lasts far beyond this life, for the soul never dies. This means there are eternal consequences for us after death. The state of our souls before God should be of the utmost concern, for while this life is but a moment, how we respond to Christ has lasting effects. Would you have peace and comfort? Look to Christ to save your soul.

Questions to Consider

  • In what condition is your soul today?

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