A Little Time With The 1689: Day 82


Day 82

Of Divine Providence

Chapter 5, Paragraph 1.

...from the greatest even to the least,…”

Scripture Lookup

Matthew 10:29-31.


Crying out to God often happens in the midst of great trials in our lives. When circumstances scream to us that this is out of our control, we remember that God directs and upholds all things, and we turn to Him. This is good and right, for God does govern events through His providence, and major upsets are not beyond His governance.

How often, though, do we remember that God upholds and directs even the little events in our lives! From finances, to health, to scheduling our weeks and raising our children, we can be so focused on working towards a certain outcome that we perceive ourselves as solely responsible for any outcome. Our culture does not help in this. Want something badly enough, it says, and work hard enough and it will be yours. Take charge, follow x, y, and z and this outcome is guaranteed! So much emphasis is placed on the power of the individual, that God’s involvement is forgotten.

The mind of man plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps.

-Proverbs 16:9

But it is God who gives and takes away. It is God who has numbered every hair on your head, yes even the unruly hair that won’t smooth down – that is governed and directed by God. It is God who directs the breath you are breathing right now, it is God who upholds you while you drive on the highway, it is God who governs over your checking account. We are responsible to work and steward our gifts wisely, but we must never forget that all is through His providence, from the greatest to the least.

My times are in Your hand

-Psalm 31:15

Questions to Consider

  • Do you recognize God’s providence in the little events of your life?

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