A Little Time With The 1689: Day 92


Day 92

Of Divine Providence

Chapter 5, Paragraph 4.

... (and that not by a bare permission) which also he most wisely and powerfully boundeth, and otherwise ordereth, and governeth,…

Scripture Lookup

2 Kings 19:28.

Psalm 76:10.


Witnessing such rebellion, such wickedness in our world we may be tempted to wonder, “Where is God?” “Why doesn’t He do something?” “Does He even notice?” He is everywhere present; nothing escapes His sight. His decree extends itself even to sinful actions of men and angels. This evil does not take Him by surprise.

When sin occurs, it is often a heady, prideful thing. The rush of power felt by seemingly unchecked sin inclines one to believe himself the ultimate authority, subject to no one. With murder and destruction in the news each night, it appears as if there is no limit to the rampage of evildoers. Yet God does place limits. He governs all things and creatures, from the greatest to the least. There is no time where God gives evil free rein – He always is in control.

The unfolding of events in this world may puzzle us, but we know that they are not random. Our most holy, wise and powerful God directs it all, and nothing and no one can thwart it. Let us trust that His providence will lead to the praise of the glory of His wisdom, power, justice, infinite goodness and mercy.

Questions to Consider

  • Do you have trouble believing that God binds, orders and governs sinful actions?

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