A Little Time With The 1689: Day 96


Day 96

Of Divine Providence

Chapter 5, Paragraph 5.

“So that whatsoever befalls any of his elect is by his appointment, for his glory, and their good.

Scripture Lookup

Romans 8:28


Believing God works everything for good for those that love Him is easy to do when life is good. Because of course God appoints everything that happens, of course it is all for His glory, of course these events are for our good. When things are going well we’re not going to think otherwise. Nice income? It’s for His glory! Having awesome friends? It’s for my good! Fit and in good health? He appointed it, and we are blessed!

Remove the life of ease, though, and it gets harder to acknowledge that this is by God’s appointment, for His glory and our good. We lose our job and have difficulty finding another one. Does living in poverty bring glory to God? Find yourself ignored, left out, and alone. Is that loneliness truly for your good? Miserable sickness overtakes you. God appointed this? Are we blessed even when such things happen?

It is telling that this phrase, “by his appointment, for his glory and their good” comes after the sentence explaining how God leaves his elect in seasons of temptation. For it is exactly in those seasons when we are most tempted to reject this truth. For it hurts when we are going through trials. It is exhausting to struggle with sin. It stings when circumstances are not how we would like. Pain is present during these times, whether emotional, physical, or both, and it blurs the clarity of of belief we had before.

“Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.” -Job 13:15

During such hard times, it is vital to cling to what we know of God. Despite what we may see, despite what we may feel, this is the truth we must stand on: He has appointed it. He will be glorified through it. He has decreed it for our benefit. Because of this, we are blessed. Do not run from God in your despair. Fly to Him, draw closer to Him, and see Him work for your good and His glory.

Questions to Consider

  • Do you see how God has appointed all events in your life for His glory and your good?

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