A Little Time With The 1689: Day 129


Day 129

Of Christ the Mediator.

Chapter 8, Paragraph 1.

…and King;…

Scripture Lookup

Psalm 2:6

Luke 1:33


Christ is King!

Out of the three offices that God ordained Jesus to fulfill, that of King seems to be the most well-known. While I know of churches titled “Christ the King”, and cards and posters that declare “Jesus is King”, I am hard-pressed to recall any poster extolling Jesus as priest. And with the multitudinous diversity of church names present here in the southern United States, I still have yet to see a church entitled “Christ the Priest”! The truth that Jesus is King can sometimes be so commonly declared that it may seem matter-of-fact to us. But there is nothing trite about Jesus’ reign.

Christians take comfort in knowing Jesus is king. But what is He king of? We know that since Jesus is fully God, He is sovereign over all things. Yet He is king of the elect in a special way. He subdues rebellious sinners and makes them willing subjects, ready to serve Him. As king He determines the laws of His kingdom. Through His perfect kingship, He protects His people, defends His people, and vanquishes His enemies.

Therefore, when we read that Jesus is King, we should not allow the commonality of that phrase to dull our affection for Him. Rather, our praise and allegiance should rise up within us! His rule is just and merciful. We can depend on Him to rule wisely, and need not fear to follow His commands. His protection of us is iron-clad; our enemies are surely doomed. What a majestic and mighty king!

Questions to Consider

  • Have you ever considered how Jesus is king?

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