A Little Time With The 1689: Day 133


Day 133

Of Christ the Mediator.

Chapter 8, Paragraph 1.

…Unto whom he did from all Eternity give a people to be His seed, and to be by him in time redeemed, called, justified, sanctified, and glorified.

Scripture Lookup

Isaiah 53:10

John 17:6

Romans 8:30


Christian, you are a gift.

I don’t mean in a “you’re such an awesome person” kind of way. After all, you are fallen in Adam, and although you are being made holy through the Holy Spirit’s work in you, you still have that lingering corrupt nature. We learned all about that back in chapter 7 of the Confession.

We also know that if we are Christians, we have been appointed to eternal life by God. Back in chapter 3, we learned that God chose a people out of His mere free grace and love. These people are redeemed by Christ, called, justified, adopted, sanctified, and saved. We read that already. So why repeat it in this chapter? Is anything different mentioned?

Adding to our knowledge of the saving work of Christ are these words: “unto whom He did from all eternity give a people to be his seed”. The Father, when He and the Son made the Covenant of Redemption, gave a people to the Son. All those who have believed in Christ are a gift from the Father to the Son. Jesus’ redeeming work on earth was not done so that some people might belong to Him. The Father ensured that there would be a people for Christ.

Christian, you are part of a people gifted to Jesus by the Father. You are born again to be His offspring, adopted by God. The attention to detail given concerning your salvation, as well as the salvation of the rest of the elect, leaves no room for error. Your salvation is secure; the Trinity has seen to it. You are a gift. Rejoice in that!

Questions to Consider

  • How secure is your salvation, if the Father has given you to Jesus?

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