A Little Time With The 1689: Day 135


Day 135

Of Christ the Mediator.

Chapter 8, Paragraph 2.

yet without sin:

Scripture Lookup

Romans 8:3

Hebrews 2:14,16,17

Hebrews 4:15


How can someone be a human and not sin? We have never seen for ourselves what living a sinless life looks like. Everyone around us sins. We sin. Think of the best person on the planet today – guess what? They still sin. “Nobody’s perfect,” seems to be a universally acknowledged fact. Yet Jesus lived a sinless life. He was – and is – perfect.

Taking on human nature, the Son of God took upon Himself all the essential properties of being human. He had flesh and blood; he had a soul; as a human, He was made in the image of God. He also experienced weakness: fatigue, hunger, sadness. In all of that, though, He never sinned. When the Confession says “yet without sin”, it means that Jesus lived His life in perfect obedience to God’s law. Not one time did He break a commandment intentionally or inadvertently. His life was fully conformed to the law of God, in word, deed and thought.

Does it matter that Jesus was without sin? Yes! A sinful Jesus would be under the curse of Adam and Eve, since He would have inherited the corrupted nature. A sinful Jesus could not atone for others’ sins, as He would have to atone for His own. But since Jesus is sinless, we have a perfect, spotless Lamb who fulfills the law’s demands on our behalf.

Questions to Consider

  • How does Jesus’ sinless life affect you?

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