A Little Time With The 1689: Day 147


Day 147

Of Christ the Mediator.

Chapter 8, Paragraph 4.

which that he might discharge he was made under the Law,

Scripture Lookup

Galatians 4:4

Matthew 3:15


“He’s above the law.” That phrase “above the law” is common, and we pretty much know what it means: that someone thinks the rules don’t apply to them. How often, though, have you heard it said, “He’s under the law”? That’s not normally said of anyone. What does it mean?

In order to perform the office of mediator, Jesus had to fulfill some requirements. One of these requirements was to be made under the law. All aspects of God’s law had to be followed in order to meet the requirement of righteousness necessary to mediate between God and sinful man. To neglect any aspect of the law of God would make His office as a guarantor void.

So to save His sheep, the one who created the law would now have to live by it. Jesus, being God, was free from any requirements the law had, since the law concerned His creation and not Himself. He truly was above the law. Yet to rescue the elect the law would have to be followed, and followed perfectly. To be the mediator, Jesus humbled Himself and constrained Himself to the law’s demands. He took on human nature and was born as a man, and thus under the subjection of the law.

Such laying aside of rights and privileges in order to save us is incomprehensible. To voluntarily plummet from an infinite Being without form, to becoming human, with all the frailties and weaknesses that entails! To subject Himself to the law! What wondrous love Christ has for us!


Questions to Consider

  • Since Jesus was made under the Law, how does that affect our relationship to the Law?

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