A Little Time With The 1689: Day 150


Day 150

Of Christ the Mediator.

Chapter 8, Paragraph 4.

enduring most grievous sorrows in his Soul; and most painful sufferings in his body;…

Scripture Lookup

Matthew 26:37,38

Luke 22:44

Matthew 27:46


What is the worst pain you have ever experienced? How about the worst hurt? The worst anguish?

Jesus, in fulfilling His office as mediator, became the curse for Christians. The punishment we deserve for breaking God’s law He endured.  Much has been written about how agonizing a death was crucifixion. Slow, exhausting, torturous and barbaric, crucifixion was designed to inflict maximum pain and humiliation upon a person. The crucified was often forced to carry the heavy wood to the place where it would be used to kill him. Stripped of his clothes, he was exposed to mock and ridicule. Nails puncturing hands and feet attached the victim to the cross. He would have to push against his feet to be able to breathe, otherwise he would asphyxiate.  Jesus endured this.

Not only did Jesus suffer physically, but also spiritually. He prayed that if it were possible, the cup would pass and He would not have to endure such pain. Dread accompanied that prayer, which was not a simple request but an earnest pleading with God. The mental anguish produced drops of blood. No one stuck by Him. He was betrayed; He was abandoned; He was denied. And when He experienced the suffering of the cross, He endured all of the infinite wrath that sin must receive.

Christ bore all this, and bore it willingly, so that God and sinners would be reconciled. While the pain and hurt we experience in this life are real, as Christians there can be no suffering or distress that compares with what Jesus endured: what He endured for us and our salvation. In your times of despair, look to Christ. See how He loves you in becoming a curse for you. Go to Him who cares for you, who intercedes on your behalf, and be at rest.

Questions to Consider

  • How does Jesus enduring sorrows and suffering aid you in your life today?

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