A Little Time With The 1689: Day 180

Day 180

Of Free Will.

Chapter 9, Paragraph 5.

“The will of Man is made perfectly, and immutably free to good alone, in the state of Glory only.”

Scripture Lookup

Ephesians 4:13


“It’s only for a season.” This advice I have read numerous times, given to frustrated moms of little ones. While seemingly stuck in a time-loop of tantrums, tidying, and tiredness, the time these mothers have with young children is relatively short. No matter how dragged-out those days of toddlers seem, they will inevitably end.

Some seasons, however, do not end until our life does. The Christian’s struggle with sin is such a season. Until we die and are received into the presence of our Savior, we wage war against the remaining corruption of sin within us. The battle of our will to choose good is constant in this world.

While the fight against our sinful flesh lasts in this life, there is a glorious hope that the Christian possesses. All remaining corruption will no longer be part of us after death. There will be no choosing of evil in heaven, but only the free choice of good.

There shall not be the least aversion to good, nor the least inclination of evil, in their wills, but they will be brought to a perfect conformity to the will of God….they will get such a fixed habit of purity, as they can never lose. – Thomas Boston

Salvation in Christ is better than creation in the image of God and citizenship in the garden of Eden. God does not place believers back at the starting line in the same position in which Adam was created. He grants irrevocable, eternal life based on the doing and dying of Jesus to all who believe the gospel. The end is better than the beginning.  -Richard Barcellos

We may be “tempted, tried, and sometimes failing” throughout all our days, but Christian, your victory is a done deal. Because of Christ, you can look forward to the day when that fighting against evil is finished, never to return. Stand firm! This battle is only for a season. “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.” (Hebrews 10:23)

Questions to Consider

  • How often do you forget that you have glory to look forward to?


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