A Little Time With The 1689: Day 186

Day 186

Of Effectual Calling.

Chapter 10, Paragraph 2.

“This Effectual Call is of God’s free, and special grace alone, not from any thing at all foreseen in man, nor from any power, or agency in the Creature, coworking with his special Grace, the Creature being wholly passive therein, being dead in sins and trespasses, until being quickened and renewed by the holy Spirit,…”

Scripture Lookup

2 Tim. 1:9

Eph. 2:5, 8

1 Cor. 2:14

John 5:25


“No shirt, no shoes, no service.” In order to be served at a restaurant, there are standards you have to which you must adhere. If you’ve been frolicking barefoot at the beach and suddenly want a burger, you must clean yourself up and slip into some sort of sandal before you can step up to the counter. You do the work so that you can get the service.

This world tells us that we have to be somebody or do something to receive anything. Our success is based on how far our money, looks, connections, and talent take us. Certain opportunities and social statuses are granted us due to who we are or how hard we work. It is all upon us to get what we want.

Not what my hands have done
Can save my guilty soul;
Not what my toiling flesh has borne
Can make my spirit whole.
Not what I feel or do
Can give me peace with God;
Not all my prayers and sighs and tears
Can bear my awful load.

– Horatius Bonar

But salvation does not play by the world’s rules. There is nothing about you that effects your salvation. As corrupt, fallen sinners, we are all equally worthy of God’s wrath. There is nothing you can do to be called to grace and salvation by Jesus Christ. Effectual calling is not you jumping up and down, waving your hand and saying, “Pick me! Pick me!” after God asks for volunteers. Instead, your very ability to believe is a result of being regenerated by God. By His free grace alone does He call you, revive you, and direct you to desire good.

Questions to Consider

  • Do you still find yourself wanting to be called for something in you, rather than it being wholly of God?


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