A Little Time With The 1689: Day 205


Day 205

Of Sanctification.

Chapter 13, Paragraph 2.

“This Sanctification is throughout, in the whole man, yet imperfect in this life; there abideth still some remnants of corruption in every part, whence ariseth a continual, and irreconcilable war; the Flesh lusting against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the Flesh.”

Scripture Lookup

1 Thessalonians 5:23

Romans 7:18, 23

Galatians 5:17

1 Peter 2:11


Fighting against our selves is not new to women. Just look at the financial success of the beauty industry. Every day, millions of women are curling straight hair, straightening curly hair, moisturizing dry skin, drying up oily skin. Commercials tout products with words like restore, renew, correct, reverse. We long to change our imperfections, and spend time and money to see a difference in our appearance.

Before being called and drawn by God to Himself, not only is our appearance imperfect, but our entire self is “wholly defiled, in all the faculties, and parts, of soul, and body.” (LBCF 6.2) When we are regenerated, however, we are freed from the power sin has over us, and are set apart, or sanctified. There is no part of you that is not affected by the Spirit and the word dwelling in you. While formerly corruption seeped through every pore unhindered, now that corruption is weakened and destroyed.

Yet in this life sanctification is not complete. There is no part of you that does not have to wage war, to put to death the remaining sin within you. The diligence with which we attend to our outward appearance should seem like sloth compared to the painstaking mortification of our sinful flesh. The battle is constant and irreconcilable. Yet in this war, through the work of the Holy Spirit, we shall overcome, and our sinful flesh shall be overcome.

Questions to Consider

  • How goes the battle, Christian?

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