A Little Time With The 1689: Day 210


Day 210

Of Saving Faith.

Chapter 14, Paragraph 3.

“This Faith although it be different in degrees, and may be weak, or strong; yet it is in the least degree of it, different in the kind, or nature of it (as is all other saving Grace) from the Faith, and common grace of temporary believers;…

Scripture Lookup

Hebrews 5:13,14

Matthew 6:30

Romans 4:19,20

2 Peter 1:1


Do you have enough faith?

That is the wrong question to ask.

Somehow some think that if you achieve a certain level of faith, then you’ve arrived. Then you can be a good Christian, and be considered saintly.

Such thinking is not Biblical.

Your faith may be incredibly strong. It may be flickering. But if it is saving faith, then it still enables you to believe God’s word, trust in Christ, and act upon that belief, whether it is a mustard seed or a mountain. The degrees of faith are not what defines saving faith: it is the nature of saving faith that determines its value.

Do you despise a diamond because it is not the largest one in the world? Of course not. You recognize it for the treasure it is, because it is a diamond. Such is the case with saving faith. Your faith may be the size of the smallest diamond in the world, but it is still a diamond and not a cubic zirconia. Saving faith is a grace of God, who gives good gifts to His children. Thank Him for the faith you have, and then humbly ask for more.

Questions to Consider

  • What is the nature of saving faith?

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