A Little Time With The 1689: Day 213

Day 213

Of Repentance Unto Life and Salvation.

Chapter 15, Paragraph 2.

“Whereas there is none that doth good, and sinneth not; and the best of men may through the power, and deceitfulness of their corruption dwelling in them, with the prevalency of temptation, fall into great sins, and provocations; God hath in the Covenant of Grace, mercifully provided that Believers so sinning and falling, be renewed through Repentance unto Salvation.

Scripture Lookup

Ecclesiastes 7:20
Luke 22:31,32


No matter how hard you try, Christian, you’re going to sin sometime. There is no one that does good and does not sin. No one. The corruption of sin remains within us, and it is a formidable foe. It is strong, and it is tricky. We may succumb to its persuasions without even realizing it right away. As Christians it is possible to commit major sins, and there are faithful men and women who have done so. So if Christians will fall into grievous sins, how are they different from unbelievers?

Repentance. God’s provision for believers who have fallen into sin, repentance renews the right spirit within us. We do not have to continue to ignorantly wallow in the filth of sin, unable to return to communion with God. We do not have to continually look at the sin we commit and be sickened by its presence. Repentance is given, so that we can recognize our sin and turn from it, seeking forgiveness. It is a blessing that draws us closer to our Savior.

Christian, when you find you have sinned, do not delay. Do not get stuck in self-pity, beating yourself up for your stupidity and ignorance. Instead, lay hold of the gracious option that the Lord provides for you, and repent unto salvation.

Questions to Consider

  • Do you find it difficult to repent?

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