A Little Time With The 1689: Day 215

Day 215

Of Repentance Unto Life and Salvation.

Chapter 15, Paragraph 4.

“As Repentance is to be continued through the whole course of our lives, upon the account of the body of death, and the motions thereof; so it is every man’s duty, to repent of his particular known sins, particularly.”

Scripture Lookup

Luke 19:8

1 Timothy 1:13,15


Repentance is not a one-time deal. Because we still have the remaining corruption of sin within us, falling into sin is still a reality for the Christian. The battle against the flesh is a hard one, and we do not always resist successfully. Do not think that you can avoid sinning completely in this life. You will sin.

Since we personally sin, we have to personally repent. No one can repent for you. Since every sin is reprehensible to God, and we continue to sin daily, repentance should be sought out regularly. Do not let pride hinder your repentance. “God will forgive me” is not a reason to delay repentance. Yes, He will forgive you – all the more reason that you should repent as soon as you realize you have sinned!

We are commanded to repent. Throughout the course of our Christian walk, we are to utilize this grace of repentance, that we may not grow stagnant in our sins. May we continually repent, going before the throne of grace to seek forgiveness from Him who freely gives it.

Until sin be bitter—Christ will not be sweet. -Thomas Watson

Questions to Consider

  • Are you personally repenting of your personal sins?

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