A Little Time With The 1689: Day 235

Day 235

Of the Assurance of Grace and Salvation.

Chapter 18, Paragraph 2.

“…and also upon the inward evidence of those graces of the Spirit unto which promises are made, and on the testimony of the Spirit of adoption, witnessing with our spirits that we are the children of God; and as a fruit thereof keeping the heart both humble and holy.”

Scripture Lookup

2 Peter 1:4,5,10,11
Romans 8:15,16
1 John 3:1-3


Our assurance of being in a state of grace is founded upon the blood and righteousness of Jesus Christ. He is the rock to which we cling, rather than to our own guesses. However, we have more than Jesus’ perfect life and sacrifice to give us confidence that we are saved. The graces that regenerate us manifest themselves to us. The Spirit testifies with our spirit that we are adopted by God.

The saving graces that God has granted to believers do not lie hidden. Faith enables the soul to be “cast upon the truth thus believed”, as the Confession put is in chapter 14. Sanctification battles the remaining corruption within. Repentance produces sorrow for one’s sin, a hatred of it, and a plea for forgiveness. Through this desire to please God, through the struggle against sin, and through supplication for strength to continue the fight, the believer sees that a change has been wrought in her.

Along with the internal evidence that bolsters assurance, the Holy Spirit witnesses with ours that we are adopted by God. He makes known to believers that we are His children. All the privileges of being in Christ belong to us. We have access to His throne. We are protected, pitied and chastened as children. Comfort is brought to us by the Comforter that we are not cast off.

Such confidence in being saved should never be cause for pride. As the Spirit and the word work in us, we learn even more how lavish God’s love is for us, and how little we deserve it. Arrogance is not in keeping with assurance. May we never boast in our standing, but on the glories and riches of our God.

Questions to Consider

  • Is assurance something that you struggle with?

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