A Little Time With The 1689: Day 243

Day 243

Of the Law of God.

Chapter 19, Paragraph 2.

“The same Law that was first written in the heart of man, continued to be a perfect rule of Righteousness after the fall, and was delivered by God upon Mount Sinai, in Ten Commandments, and written in two Tables; the four first containing our duty towards God, and the other six our duty to man.”

Scripture Lookup

Romans 2:14,15
Deuteronomy 10:4


Blurred writing exists on the heart of all humanity who has been born of ordinary generation. This writing is the law of God, written in the heart of Adam, yet smudged when he transgressed and fell from his state of righteousness. As a result, people know there is a God and that He should be obeyed, but that knowledge of what is required of them is faulty.

In His mercy, however, God revealed that law written upon the heart of Adam to the Israelites. Ten commandments summarize that standard of righteousness that, although broken by Adam, have remained in effect to this day. Four deal with our actions towards God; six deal with our actions towards our neighbors. This is the law of God that is present, albeit fuzzily, on the hearts of every single ordinary person that has ever lived:

More than a plaque on a wall, or a relic of a bygone nation, the Ten Commandments were expressly written by the finger of God. What was written there was written upon the heart of Adam and continues to be the rule of righteousness for all mankind. Since the Ten commandments are given such prominence by God, doesn’t it make sense that we should learn what they are? Doesn’t it make sense that we should strive to obey them?

Questions to Consider

  • What role does the Ten Commandments play in your life?

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