A Little Time With The 1689: Day 259

Day 259

Of Christian Liberty and Liberty of Conscience.

Chapter 21, Paragraph 3.

“They who upon pretence of Christian Liberty do practice any sin, or cherish any sinful lust; as they do thereby pervert the main design of the Grace of the Gospel, to their own Destruction; so they wholly destroy the end of Christian Liberty, which is, that being delivered out of the hands of all our Enemies we might serve the Lord without fear in Holiness, and Righeousness before him, all the days of our Life.”

Scripture Lookup

Romans 6:1,2

Galatians 5:13

2 Peter 2:18,21


Dizzying giddiness can accompany the realization that the Christian is not bound by the doctrine and commands of men and women. No longer feeling the pressure to conform to cultural Christian norms, some believers fly from experience to experience like a balloon released in a room. Dancing is no longer discouraged. Cocktails can now be consumed. Tattoos do not have to be temporary. The sky is the limit!

With such consumption of the world’s pleasures, there can be a swelling of pride. The Christian’s freedom becomes flaunted in an arrogant manner. Liberty in neutral activities becomes license for engaging in sinful activities. How often have we as believers done things we ought not because we were “free” to? Such actions do not glorify God, but make a mockery of the Gospel we profess to believe.

The liberty purchased by Christ was not cheap. Jesus did not endure sufferings and sorrows to die on a cross so you could sinfully revel in all the world has to offer. We are to be sober-minded and stop our sinning (1 Corinthians 15:34). If your eye causes you to stumble (Matthew 18), you do not hang on to it because of your Christian freedom.

Liberty is not the right to do as I please.

Liberty is the right to do as God pleases without fear. -Sam Waldron

Christian liberty is being released from the shackles of sin to be able to serve God without fear. It is a precious blessing that should not be dismissed, nor should it be abused. “Your people will volunteer freely in the day of Your power” (Psalm 110:3) Serve the Lord fully each moment. Thanks be to God, you are free to do so.

Questions to Consider

  • How is your stewardship of your Christian liberty?

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