A Little Time With the 1689: Day 278

Day 278

Of Religious Worship and the Sabbath Day.

Chapter 22, Paragraph 5.

“…as also the Administration of Baptism,”

Scripture Lookup

Matthew 28:19,20


As someone who didn’t come from a Baptist background, the idea of getting baptized was a little intimidating. Having been sprinkled as a baby had been so much more convenient, as I did not have any say in the matter. Later, as an adult that came to faith, I was faced with Christ’s command to be baptized. Yes, I loved Christ, but to demonstrate that by being dunked while everyone was watching? That was taking it to the next level, a level that I wasn’t sure I wanted to attain.

Baptism is a visual sign that the one being baptized is no longer her own. Through going down into the water and coming up again, baptism demonstrates the union the redeemed sinner has with Christ. She is united with Him in His death and resurrection. He has washed her sins away. She is no longer who she once was, but is “giving up unto God through Jesus Christ to live and walk in newness of Life,” as the Confession describes it in Chapter 29. It is an act of humility, of publicly separating yourself from what you were before to follow Christ. To be acceptable in God’s sight, it should be performed according to His will. Reformed Baptists see the professing believer being immersed in water as what is pleasing to God concerning baptism.

If you profess to know Christ but have not been baptized, what is hindering you? Rather than a ceremony devoid of feeling, baptism is an act of worship. We are thanking God for His gracious provision in Christ, and demonstrating in a visual sense our union with Him. Do not be afraid to enter the waters, for His commands are not burdensome.

Questions to Consider

  • Why is baptism considered an act of worship?


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