A Little Time With The 1689: Day 284

Day 284

Of Religious Worship and the Sabbath Day.

Chapter 22, Paragraph 6.


Scripture Lookup

Matthew 6:11

Psalm 55:17


The Confession states that family worship is to occur daily. Honestly, the first reaction to such a directive is to throw up my hands in frustration. There is so much going on each day, what with work, school, chores, extracurriculars – how can a time of family worship be managed every day? Such thinking may be common, but it fails to recognize the proper place God should have in our lives.

When Jesus instructed His disciples to pray in Matthew 6, He didn’t say, “Give me this day my daily bread.” Instead, the prayer is to be the prayer of a group of people. They are not praying for a irregular provision, but a daily one. Families are to ask together that God would provide for them, and they are to praise Him and ask for His blessing each day. When you stop and take the time to gather together to worship God, you are stating that He is a priority in your family’s life. You demonstrate your dependence upon Him to provide what is necessary for that day. No longer do the world’s priorities dictate how time is spent.

Christian wife and mother, you are called to worship God. Not only with your local church, but with your family. And your family is called to worship Him daily. Set aside time to worship Him together.

Questions to Consider

  • If family worship is not happening regularly, what may have to change to make it a priority?


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