A Little Time With The 1689: Day 332

Day 332

Of the Church.

Chapter 26, Paragraph 10.

“…so as they may have a comfortable supply, without being themselves entangled in secular affairs; and may also be capable of exercising hospitality towards others;…”

Scripture Lookup

2 Timothy 2:4
1 Timothy 3:2


Bitterness abounds towards the flashy pastors who appear to live large on the backs of their congregants. Such men use the church for their own gain, and should be rebuked for such. That is often what people think of when the topic of pastors and pay is brought up. While financial fleecing does sadly occur, the impoverished state of a pastor and his family is more likely to happen in your average church. Where is the balance?

It is often joked that a pastor only has to work one day a week. Nothing could be further than the truth. In this chapter of the Confession, a key word describing the work of the pastor is “constantly”. Constantly is he to attend the service of Christ. Constantly is he to attend to the ministry of the word. Constantly is he to be in prayer, and constantly does he watch over the souls in his care. This never-ceasing aspect of the role of the pastor takes a toll emotionally and spiritually. Seeking to provide for himself as well is a great burden, one that the church should be able to relieve through their financial provision.

The church that cares for its spiritual health, and the well-being of its pastor, will provide enough so that he may devote himself to the work of the church. He will not have to obtain employment elsewhere that may hinder his availability. With the generosity of the church, he will in turn be able to be generous to those in his midst. Both pastor and church will be blessed by one another.

Questions to Consider

  • Why is the compensation of a pastor such a sensitive subject for many?



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